Pedra Lavrada Crusade

The time has come! Today we will have our first Gospel Crusade! The truck and all equipment is on its way. We have a group of 10 musicians, our organizing committee and several other people are taking part in the organization of this crusade! There is great excitement and expectation! We have been praying and fasting for God to move with power! Many need salvation!

The crusade meeting starts at 7 pm but we are leaving now to walk and visit the people of the town, inviting, sharing Christ and praying.

We leave in one our (1:30 pm) Pedra Lavrada has a population of 7,475 (IBGE 2010). With only a few believers (less then 5%) it has one evangelical Church!

A town known for one of the highest rates in prostitution this has been one of the most difficult Church plants in the state of Paraiba.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

Please pray for open minds and hearts! Support me in prayer as I minister the Good News.

F. Drumond