Filipe is an exceptional man of God. His age may fool you. Paul’s admonition not to despise youthfulness is well taken in this case.
— Rev. Dr. John McDonald, Ontario Bible Institute, The Country Parson Ministries
Filipe is a zealous servant of Christ and has a deep love for the lost. We have seen his gifts in evidence in our fellowship and have acknowledged God’s blessing on his life and ministry.
— Rev. Brian Scott, Pastor at Oakwood Baptist Church, Toronto, ON
Filipe has a passion for helping other and for sharing the gospel. He loves the Lord and exhibits zeal in following God’s will and purpose for his life. We know that God’s favour will follow him. Because God has ordered Filipe’s steps.
— Veon Brown, Islinghton Evangel Centre, Toronto, ON
Filipe has high moral and Christian standards. He has demonstrated an ambition to serve the Lord in evangelism. He loves the Lord, and utilizes his spiritual gifts whenever an opportunity presents itself.
— Wayne McNeilly, Lead Pastor at Evangel Pentecostal Assembly, Edmonton, AB
Filipe, you’re doing what you love to do and it pleases God: preach His Word, heal the sick, and bless the nations!
— Dr Carluci dos Santos, Executive Director at LAM (Latin America Mission) Canada
Filipe is a man of deep faith and love for Christ. He is passionate for others both to know Christ and to disciple in following Christ.
— Darrell Muth, Lead Pastor, Urban Bridge Church
After working with you for so many years already it’s nice to know that there is a great future work yet waiting to be realized. You have been maturing and growing and now there is bound to be an explosion of growth from your ministry. I am proud to be a ministry partner with you!
— Dr. Ron Morin, President of Gilgal Christian Community and of The Canadian Association of Ministries and Pastors.
It was our great honor and privilege to meet Fillipe on his recent trip to Trinidad and to have him minister in our community open air outreach services. I was inspired by his love for God and for souls. Fillipe was very anointed of the Holy Spirit and was a great blessing to our people. Fillipe, we rejoice with you in your new step of faith and pray for you for God’s richest blessings on your life and that you would be an instrument greatly used of God in these last days.
— Kris Maharaj, Senior Pastor, Jesus Worship Centre, Williamsville, Trinidad, West Indies.
I have worked with Filipe Drumond for the last 8 years and have seen his gifting in powerful operation. I also know his and Anna’s heart. This is a great time for them to Launch this Ministry as he has a renewed passion and fire to follow the “call of God” He needs to secure financial partners, so that he can be released to a greater dimension of ministry on a full-time basis
— Rev Dr John & Lorna Mc Donald
The harvest truly is plenteous. Filipe you are obeying the call of the Lord as you go forth into his harvest field. God’s blessing be upon you.
— Sylvia Yachimetz, Marketplace Chapel
Filipe, your ministry at the RevivalTime Assembly was indeed a blessing. You affected the lives of many young people. Thank the Lord you have been led into the Ministry God has for you. Blessings.
— Lloyd Hart, Senior Pastor, RevivalTime Assembly, Trinidad, West Indies.
Filipe Drumond is a man of God with a passion to win the lost. His sincerity and zeal to serve the Master is unquestionable. I always thought that God will honor Filipe’s love and commitment for His Savior and use him in his kingdom.
— Pastor João Duarte, Lead Pastor, First Portuguese Evangelical Church, Toronto, Ontario
It has been a pleasure for me to get to know Filipe and Anna Drummond over these past few years. Filipe has shown a tremendous passion for the gospel of Jesus and a heart for lost people wherever they may be. I have been blessed and inspired by the ease at which he is able to use his giftings in a way that naturally turns a conversation towards spiritual matters. It is evident to me that both Filipe and Anna have a deep love for Jesus and a calling that compels them to surrender all their plans and ambitions towards serving Christ and the Kingdom
— Pastor Barry J. McLeod, Lead Pastor of Beverly Alliance Church
Overall the ministry of Filipe Drumond impacted the churches of Trinidad and Grenada very positively. The churches that he interacted have all testified to the strength of his ministry and have all expressed an interest in having him come back in the future.
— Pastor Raj Badhal, Senior Pastor of the Abundant Life Tabernacle (ALT)
Filipe exhibits spiritual and ministry maturity way beyond his age. He’s full of the Word and the Holy Spirit and is a true servant of Christ and his kingdom.
— Pastor Ken Jagessar, Bonnyville Community Church, Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
It has been my privilege to know Evangelist Filipe Drumond for about a year. During this time we invited Filipe to speak in our church and in community picnic outreach and market place evangelism events. His down-to-earth lifestyle of humility demonstrates the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I am deeply impressed by Filipe’s love for people and his passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. As a faithful servant of his Master, I am confident of this that the Lord is going to use Filipe & the Last Harvest Ministries to bring in a large harvest of precious souls into the Kingdom of God.
— Pastor Patras Bhatti, Multicultural Alliance Church, Edmonton, AB
I very fondly remember the short time you had spent with us in the church. Your ministry among us has blessed the lives of many young people. I was personally so challenged to see you going to unknown places of our country and meet unknown people to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. You have the fire of the Lord in your heart and an anointing and the passion to take the gospel of Jesus to the lost. May the Lord continue to make you a blessing to many people across the globe.
— Pastor Samuel Thomas, The City Fellowship Center, Green Park, New Delhi.
It was so good to meet you. It was the introduction from my son in law Ciby Thomas which opened the door for you come in and share the word in my church. The word you shared on that day was from the Lord and I feel it touched several people. Well, I’m so glad that I could meet a dynamic young man so passionate for the mission. I sense the anointing of the Lord upon you to bring this vision true. I look forward for the Lord to fulfill the purpose of His call upon you.
— Rev. P. C. John, Pastor, Bethel Assembly of God, Nooranad, Kerala, India